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I'll make the first installment

In the time it takes to make,
In the time it takes to break.
In the time it takes,
To take the time to make things break.
In between those times is where I live.
One moment to another rebuilding what is left of my city.
My castles are dust and ruins hold such legend,
That perhaps to have been the king of my castle,
At one time meant something to me.
Now the tides have changed and I am a ghost,
Trapped within corridors that I know I'll never leave.
Haunting all those who come in contact with the spoils of my heart.
Dare to tread, where few men go...and return from nevermore.
I'll eat you up my dear,
I'll spit you out...
Blood dripping from my lips,
And a grin from ear to ear.
But when asked if I love you,
I'll reply with a frown...
Not out of spite my love,
Because it's just a great big show.
The time it takes to make and break,
Is the time I have left in this world...
I want to see the light on your face,
I want to kiss your skin,
But I am lost in my prison of stone.
I couldn't feel a thing beyond the pain I've known.
I want you and I echo that from every crevice
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
And these last words I will never speak again.
So will you hold my hand?
I'm but a transparent man....
In hopes of stealing your breath.
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