If You're Queer And You Know It


The Queerest Of The Queer
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This is a community for anyone who doesn't feel like a typical queer. Anyone who isn't afraid to be themselves and especially for those who find themselves constantly at battle with the world today.
This community accepts everyone for who they are be it gay, straight, trans, bi, black white, purple or orange. This is a safe haven to talk about anything you want.

Mostly this community is for writers, artists, and photographers of a queer nature

There will be no DRAMA and or Bashing of others and their work in this community or you will be removed.

Thanks and have fun!


Here Is a banner for the community..share it with others who you think may be interested. Let's incite chaos!

join my group for queer/bi/straight yet gay friendly abnormal queer artists queerabnormals